RE Based Smart Energy Management System

RE Based Smart Energy Management System utilises 2 of the most popular Renewable energy sources that are Wind Energy and Solar PV for renewable electricity production. The system is focussed on learning different ways of electricity production using Renewable Energy Resources. Renewable Energy Systems can be categorised into one of the three categories:

1. Standalone systems – systems capable of generating electricity by itself, no dependency on grid but requires battery to store energy
2. Grid Connected systems – systems connected with utility grid, transfers unused energy to grid or consume energy from grid whenever required, no storage devices are required
3. Hybrid Systems – A combination of standalone and grid connected system, works as a standalone system when utility grid is not available and work as grid connected system when utility grid is available, required battery to store energy.

RE based Smart Energy Management system enables a user to control the evacuation of energy produced via any of the above discussed methodologies. The system can be sub-divided into the following units:

a) Power Generation Unit (Renewable Energy Sources) – Includes a Wind Turbine and Solar PV Array
b) Weather Station – Includes Pyranometer (measure solar irradiation), Humidity & Temperature sensor, Wind speed and Wind Direction sensor. The weather station gives an accurate ambient weather data of installed location. A user will be able to see and program the upper and lower limits of weather data to ensure safety of the renewable sources and power evacuation units
c) Power Evacuation Unit – Include (standalone, grid connected and hybrid system) - A user can select to operate the systems using any of the method and evaluate the most efficient system for his/her location
d) Central Control Unit - The central control unit allows a user to connect/disconnect any of the power evacuation mode and control the overall functioning of the system. The central control unit comes with a software setup to control the system manually or remotely whichever way is preferred by user
e) Load Unit – Includes smart homes and load analysis kit

Smart House - It is a miniaturized model of a Smart home which operates on conventional AC power supply. It has a relay-based operation which can be operated using central controller connected with PC. A multifunction touch screen panel meter is connected to each of the Smart Houses which measures all the electrical parameters of the connected load and also displays current and voltage waveforms. All these data can also be viewed in the provided software using RS485 protocol.

Load Analysis Kit – It is an AC Load setup with series and parallel load connections which can be used with smart house.

Technical Characteristics ≫

  • Manual mode of operation as well as automated mode of operation
  • Open-source editable user software
  • Solar PV and Wind Turbine can be used individually as well as together
  • Relays and Contactors for hassle-free automated switching of different power sources and power evacuation systems
  • Active measurement panel to measure different voltage, current and power analysis
  • Coloured Touchscreen based Graphical interface for measurement panels with RS-485 communication
  • Can work with actual grid as well as virtual grid
  • Customisable Design
  • Hardware as well as software protection for devices
  • Alarm system for weather station, if some reading goes beyond a limit
  • Interactive editable graphical user interface (can work with touchscreen PCs also)
  • Sun tracking option available
  • Common DC Link to evacuate DC power using DC Loads
  • High wind speed protection for Wind Turbine
  • More energy sources can be employed
  • Detailed graphical analysis of loads in PC as well as measurement panel
  • High IP rating components
  • 24/7 Datalogging with high precision

Technical Advantages ≫

  • When running, the system can serve as an additional energy source for the institutions
  • System is rigorously tested and can work continuously without switching off
  • Reliable Quality: Basically, no after sales service is required
  • System comes with an illustrated experiment manual detailing every wiring connection to be made
  • Specifications can be customized as per requirement
  • Detailed demonstration and training of system is done during commissioning of the system

Experiments & Research Options ≫

  • Study of Solar P-V and I-V curve
  • Study of Solar PV system in standalone mode
  • Study of Solar PV system in grid-connected mode
  • Study of Wind Energy system in standalone mode
  • Study of Solar and Wind Hybrid with battery system
  • Study of Solar and Wind Hybrid with battery system Study of smart home functionality and energy monitoring
  • Remote access of smart home and energy monitoring system
  • Study of automatic switching of load and sources
  • Study effect of different types of loads with off-grid and -on grid operation of PV system
  • Study effect of different types of loads integrated with smart home systems with off-grid Wind Energy system
  • Study of characteristics of linear and non-linear loads with grid connected system

Specifications ≫

Components Sub-Components Specifications
Power generating unit Energy Sources
  Solar PV Array 2kW, Polycrystalline, 24 V system
  Wind Turbine 1kW, 3 blade wind turbine, 24 V system
  Battery Bank 24 V, 150 Ah, Lead Acid Batteries
Weather Station Sensors
  Humidity Sensor  
  Wind Direction and Wind Speed sensor  
  Rain Gauge  
Power Evacuation Unit Components
  PV Charge Controller (standalone unit) 24 V, 60 Amp. PWM charge controller
  PV Grid Tied Inverter 2 kW, MPPT Grid Tied inverter
  PV Hybrid Inverter 2kW hybrid inverter
Central Control Unit    
  Sections Solar PV, Solar Charge Controller, Wind Energy, DC Link, Battery Bank, PV Grid Tied Inverter, Hybrid Inverter, AC Mains, AC Load
  Switching Relay and Contactors

Input measurements and monitoring

Output measurements and monitoring

PV Voltage, PV Current, PV Charge controller Voltage and current, Wind Charge Controller Voltage and Current, PV Grid Tied inverter Power Analyzer, PCC Measurement Power Analyzer, AC Load Power Analyzer, Battery Voltage and Current, Hybrid Inverter Power Analyzer
  Communication RS-485
  Interface Controller Microcontroller/ FPGA
  Protection MCB/Software
Load Unit Units
  Smart Homes Operates on conventional AC supply, Automatic/Manual/Remote relay-based control with RS-485 communication
  Load Analysis System Works on conventional AC supply, AC series circuit analysis, AC parallel circuit analysis

RE Based Smart Energy Management System

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