NICMAR University, Pune welcomed Solar PV Training and Research System by Ecosense

Dedicated to fostering a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices, the School of Energy and Environment at NICMAR University recognizes the transformative potential of solar technology in mitigating environmental impact. In pursuit of this vision, the university has strategically invested in the Solar PV Training and Research system from Ecosense. This forward-thinking initiative aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to harness the power of Solar PV Technology effectively.

The Solar PV Training and Research System from Ecosense, now an integral part of the academic landscape at NICMAR University, provides a sophisticated platform for hands-on learning and research. It empowers students to delve into the intricacies of Solar PV standalone systems, covering diverse aspects such as the physics of solar panels, components and assembly of standalone systems, and advanced research in PV systems.

Solar PV Training and Research System

Ecosense's Solar PV Training and Research System is a comprehensive platform designed to educate users on standalone Solar PV technology. The system covers three key areas of Solar PV Standalone systems:

Physics of Solar PV Panels

• I-V and P-V characteristics
• Series and parallel connection of solar panels
• Effects of irradiation, temperature, shadow, tilting of panels, and geographical location

Components and Assembly of Standalone System

• Use of blocking diode, bypass diode, solar charge controller, and solar inverter
• Differences between MPPT and PWM charge controllers
• AC and DC loads, battery charging/discharging characteristics
• Assembly of components and power flow calculations

Research in PV Systems

• Ecosense provides a separate research unit for standalone experimental systems
• Users can conduct research on maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
• Provision for automatic and manual gate signals to charge the controller
• Users can implement their own MPPT algorithm with any of the controllers

Technical Advantages of Solar PV Training and Research System

• Active measurement panel for voltage, current, and temperature measurements
• Variable irradiation to simulate sunlight conditions
• Series and parallel combination of solar panels
• Adjustable tilt angle for studying its effect on PV module power
• Shading blades to examine the impact of shading on Solar PV
• Encourages hands-on learning by avoiding internal connections
• Power flow calculations for standalone PV power plants
• Option for external gate signals and MPPT algorithm studies
• Real-time plotting of PV, IV, V vs. time, P vs. time, and I vs. time curves
• Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm
• IP 65-protected PV panels
• Equipped with handheld solar insolation measuring instrument and angle measurement instrument
• Data saving in CSV format and graph saving in image format

NICMAR University, Pune welcomed Solar PV Training and Research System by Ecosense
NICMAR University, Pune welcomed Solar PV Training and Research System by Ecosense

Demonstration of Equipment Conducted

Ecosense conducted a demonstration of the equipment for training professors, scholars, and technicians. This program focuses on educating these individuals, who, in turn, will train numerous students and professionals, preparing them for careers or businesses in the field of solar technology.

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