Solar PV Emulator

PV Emulator is a programmable power supply designed to mimic the characteristics of Solar Panels. With fast transient response, the emulator responds to change in load conditions and maintains the output on IV characteristics of the panels defined by user for a given ambient condition.

It is a flexible instrument designed to emulate the output of solar panels, with adjustable parameters such as Voc, Isc, shading, coefficient of temperature etc. The PV Emulator uses an internal algorithm to adjust Voc (Open circuit voltage) and Isc (short-circuit current) so as to match the solar panel selected by the user based on user defined parameters such as Irradiation, temperature, Voc, Isc, temperature coefficient etc. The Emulator makes sure the response matches that of the actual panel under all the load conditions within range. The user is presented with a complete set of information with tables and plots on user application.

The software of PV Emulator is based on Labview. User is able to see the response of Solar PV Panel as per his/her own set of users defined parameters. User defined parameters involve open circuit voltage, short circuit current, temperature coefficient, complete shading, partial shading (up to 4 peaks), series resistance, area of panel, diode quality factor and operating temperature.

Technical Characteristics ≫

  • An active measurement panel to measure voltage, current, power and energy
  • User controlled, cost effective way to test response of PV system for wide range of solar panels
  • Simulate the I-V curve under varying environmental conditions
  • Test and verify different parameters of PV system like – MPPT tracking algorithm of PV inverter, efficiency of MPPT tracking
  • Measure and verify the overall efficiency and conversion efficiency of PV inverter for variety of solar panels and in varying weather conditions
  • User can simulate Partial Shading effects and obtain up to four peaks
  • Two users can use single PV Emulator to carry out different results using PV Emulator in 1kW mode
  • Tracking of load point and load line is possible
  • IV-PV graphs can be seen using the proprietary software
  • Data can be saved in excel format
  • Graphs can be saved in image formats

Technical Advantages ≫

  • Specifications can be customized
  • System is rigorously tested and can work continuously without switching off
  • Require very less space for installation
  • Reliable Quality: Basically, no after sales service is required
  • System comes with an illustrated experiment manual detailing every wiring connection to be made
  • Specifications can be customized as per requirement
  • Detailed demonstration and training of system is done during commissioning of the system

Research Options ≫

  • MPPT algorithm testing
  • Inverter control testing for different operating conditions
  • Performance Analysis and Comparison of Modelled PV Panel with PV Emulator
  • Testing of Charge Controller
  • Micro-grid and smart grid control testing
  • Performance analysis of various PV panels

Specifications ≫

Components Sub- Components Specifications

Solar PV Emulator

Total Capacity – 2 KW
Supply Voltage 230V AC/ 50Hz
No. of Channels 2
Short Circuit Current (Isc)/Channel 0-20 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)/Channel 0-50 VDC
Max Output Power /Channel 1000 W
Maximum Channels in Parallel 2
Maximum absolute voltage at output 50 VDC
Voltage Slew Rate Range 0.01V/ms-2V/ms*
Current Slew Rate Range 0.01A-1A/ms or INF
Physical Box
Connector at Output Banana Type
Number of leads in output connector 4
Operating Environment Indoor Use


Solar PV Emulator

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The Solar PV Emulator gives you the benefit of Simulating the IV Curve under varying environmental conditions without the requirement of an actual PV Panel or an external setup for data monitoring and data acquisition.

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