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Ecosense establishes Solar Photovoltaic Laboratories at INADEH centres in Panama

Ecosense Sustainable Solutions Private Limited has established Solar Photovoltaic laboratories at three INADEH (Instituto Nacional de Formación Profesional y Capacitación para el Desarrollo Humano) centers at Penenome, Las Lajas in Chiriquí and Armae, in the province of Darien in Panama. INADEH centers are the vocational training institutes and the governing body of the State of Panama in terms of professional training, job training and business management training; which promotes a culture of training for life and work. INADEH contributes to the personal development and training of students/ professionals. Ecosense has installed three kinds of equipment in each of these centers Solar PV Training and Research System, Solar PV Grid Tied System and Solar PV Emulator System in multiple numbers.

Ecosense’s Solar PV lab enables users to learn about Solar PV Technology in a very easy and interactive manner. Solar PV Lab educates users in three different branches of Solar PV Technology that are Solar PV characteristics, Solar PV Standalone/Grid Tied configurations and Solar PV Research Area.

Installation in progress
Solar PV lab installation in progress at INADEH

Ecosense’s Solar PV Training and research system enables user to learn about Solar PV standalone technology. Using this system a user gains knowledge in three fields of Solar PV Standalone system:

1) Physics of Solar PV Panels — I-V and P-V characteristics, series and parallel connection of solar panels effect of irradiation, effect of temperature, effect of shadow, effect of tilting of panels, effect of geographical location etc.

2) Components and Assembly of standalone system — use of blocking diode, use of bypass diode, use of solar charge controller, use of solar inverter, difference between MPPT and PWM charge controllers, AC load, DC load, battery charging/ discharging characteristics, assembly of several components and power flow calculations in each branch.

3) Research in PV systems — Ecosense separately provides a research unit along with standalone experimental system. User can initiate research in the area of maximum power point tracking using this unit. It has provision of providing automatic as well as manual gate signals to charge controller. User can use his/ her own MPPT algorithm with any of the controller to provide manual gate signals.

Ecosense’s Solar PV Grid Tied System enables users to learn about Solar PV Grid Connected Technology. Using this system a user gains knowledge in performance, assembly and advantages of a Solar PV Grid connected system. This system enables user to learn about grid connection, basic electrical concept, power quality correction, voltage sag due to long transmission lines, anti- islanding effect and net metering concept.

Solar PV Emulator is a DC source which can be programmed to act as a solar PV panel. As Solar panels are dependent on natural conditions such as Sunlight and solar irradiation, this system enables user to carry out their respective experimentations and research inside the lab at time of the day as Solar PV Emulator emulates the same characteristics as a Solar panel but it is not dependent on natural conditions.

Training in progress
Training the Masters at INADEH

Masters Training Conducted

Ecosense also conducted a masters training program at each of the INADEH centers. This Masters training program was focused on educating and training the professors, scholars and technicians in Solar Photovoltaic Technology who will further train thousands of students and professionals to start their career or business in this very field.

Program Outcomes

“This Photovoltaic Laboratory that opens its doors today at the INADEH center in Arimae was designed to meet the needs of the Darien province in terms of electricity generation.” Said INADEH Director General, Samuel Rivera Valencia while inauguration Solar PV Labs.

“The operation, installation and maintenance of solar panels requires prepared people and that is where INADEH plays a very important role in training young people with high quality standards,” he said.

INADEH is established to train individuals for professional training, job training and entrepreneurship. With the help of Solar Photovoltaic Labs established by Ecosense, Master trainers will train thousands of individuals who will further work in different domains of Solar Photovoltaic Industry such as design and development, installation and maintenance etc.

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