Ecosense installs Wind-PV Hybrid Training System at CBIT, Hyderabad

The renewable energy systems are weather dependent which makes their instantaneous production output uncertain, to compensate the lower production of output due to change in weather using multiple energy sources is a good idea. Renewable Energy systems with multiple energy sources and single output is known as hybrid systems.

Ecosense has installed Wind-PV Hybrid Training system at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

This system utilizes two energy sources an actual 400-Watt Wind Turbine and actual 500 W Solar PV array as the energy sources. The output of both the energy sources are fed to a charge controller which is further connected to a battery bank and Inverter to complete a standalone hybrid system. The DC loads can be connected at battery output and AC loads can be connected to Inverter output. The system represents a mini hybrid standalone powerplant. As the system is made for laboratory usage, for ease of experimentation the system is fitted with an artificial wind generator which provides wind energy to the wind turbine for power generation.

Key Highlights of Wind-PV Hybrid system

1. Artificial source of wind – so that system can be used inside the lab and there is no dependency on weather for conducting experimentations
2. Wind Speed Control – As the wind is generated though a fab mounted on an induction motor, the wind speed can be controlled by controlling the speed of induction motor via a Variable Frequency Drive.
3. Active Measurement Panel – The system is supplied with an active measurement panel which displays all values of voltage, current, RPM and wind speed.
4. Protective casing around Wind turbine and fan - the protective casing around wind turbine and fan enables the system to be used in a closed space like laboratory.

Learning Outcomes

Using this system, a user can learn about the Wind and Solar technology and can experiment on the following parameters:
• Evaluate efficiency of charge controller
• Evaluate start-up speed and cut-in speed of wind turbine
• Evaluate the Tip speed ratio at different wind speeds
• Evaluate coefficient of performance of wind turbine
• Draw Turbine vs wind power curve
• Draw the curve between TSR and coefficient of power
• Draw the power curve of turbine with respect to the rotational speed of rotor at fix wind speeds
• Demonstrate the power analysis at different branches of the system with only AC loads
• Demonstrate the power analysis at different branches of the system with only DC loads

Masters Training Conducted

Ecosense also conducted a masters training program in Mechanical Lab. This Masters training program was focused on educating and training the professors, scholars and technicians in Hybrid Technology who will further train thousands of students and professionals to start their career or business in this very field.

Master's Training at CBIT, Hyderabad
Master's Training at CBIT, Hyderabad

Program Outcomes

The faculty members and students really enjoyed our two-day training programme and loved to work on our lab equipment. Professors will conduct experiments on the system to understand it more deeply and incorporate this lab set up as part of their regular curriculum.

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