Ecosense installs Solar Thermal Lab at Tel Aviv University

Ecosense goes international - Installs Solar Thermal Lab at Tel Aviv University, Israel

Ecosense Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. installed its first international Lab at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Tel Aviv University is the premier university of Israel holding rank 1 spot for years. Ecosense installed a Solar Thermal Lab at the University. This Solar Thermal Lab is a miniaturised Solar Thermal Flat Plate collector based water heating system which educates students about the Flat Plate Collector Technology. It is installed in a dedicated laboratory where the students will find Solar Thermal Training System which will allow them to learn about Solar Thermal technology by using a real time miniaturised thermal plant inside the laboratory. As Solar Thermal systems highly dependent on environmental conditions for its operation because it uses Sun’s Irradiation as heating source, Ecosense’s Solar Thermal Training system uses artificial source of irradiation instead of actual sunlight for the operation of equipment which allows user to experiment and conduct research on Solar Thermal technology at any time of the day.

Using this system users can learn about two modes of water heating using Flat Plate Collector 1)natural mode of water heating i.e., Thermosyphonic mode and 2) Forced mode of water heating. In Thermosyphonic mode water rises in the riser tubes of Flat plate collectors naturally but it takes much time to heat a very less amount of water whereas in forced mode of heating water is regulated to the riser tubes using a motor, which heats up the larger amount of water present in the overhead tank but heating temperature will be less than that in Thermosyphonic mode.

Two day training imparted

Ecosense also conducted a two day training program at the campus to give the technical know-how of solar thermal flat plate collector technology for the faculty members and scholars present there.

Team Ecosense at Tel Aviv University
Team Ecosense at Tel Aviv University during Solar Thermal Laboratry installation

Getting the most from our lab equipments

The faculty members and students really enjoyed our two day training programme and loved to work on our lab equipment as its very easy and fun to work on the system and also it’s a real time experimental setup.

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