Ecosense installed Solar PV Training & Research System at SMVDU, Jammu

Ecosense installed Solar PV Training and Research System at School of Energy Management, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra.

The School of Energy Management, formerly known as the School of Infrastructure Technology & Resource Management, was established in the academic year of 2005-2006. Its primary aim is to offer academic programs and conduct research in the fields of Energy, Renewable Energy, and Environmental issues. Currently, the School administers a full-time M. Tech. program in Energy Systems, as well as Full/Part-time Ph.D. Programs covering various areas of study. The school’s research endeavors are concentrated on several fronts, including Solar Energy (both Thermal and Photovoltaics), Energy Storage, Exergy analysis of Refrigeration Systems, Exergy & Exergoeconomic analysis of Renewable Energy Systems, Phase Change Materials and Their Applications, Building Simulation, Chemical Exergy, and Wastewater Treatment through Renewable Energy Sources.

To continue its research in Solar PV Technology, the school recently purchased Solar PV Training and Research System from Ecosense.

Ecosense’s Solar PV Training and Research System

Ecosense’s Solar PV Training and Research System enables users to learn about Solar PV standalone technology. Using this system, a user gains knowledge in three fields of Solar PV Standalone systems:

1) Physics of Solar PV Panels — I-V and P-V characteristics, series and parallel connection of solar panels effect of irradiation, effect of temperature, effect of shadow, effect of tilting of panels, effect of geographical location etc.

2) Components and Assembly of standalone system — use of blocking diode, use of bypass diode, use of solar charge controller, use of solar inverter, difference between MPPT and PWM charge controllers, AC load, DC load, battery charging/ discharging characteristics, assembly of several components and power flow calculations in each branch.

3) Research in PV systems — Ecosense separately provides a research unit along with a standalone experimental system. Users can initiate research in maximum power point tracking using this unit. It has the provision of providing automatic as well as manual gate signals to charge the controller. Users can use his/ her own MPPT algorithm with any of the controllers to provide manual gate signals.

Technical Benefits of Solar PV Training and Research System

• Incorporates an active measurement panel for precise monitoring of voltages, currents, and temperature
• Allows users to adjust Irradiation levels to mimic varying sunlight conditions, affecting Solar Panel temperature and enabling the study of I-V and P-V characteristics
• Facilitates both Series and Parallel Combination of Solar Panels
• Features an adjustable tilt mechanism for Solar Panels, enabling the examination of the impact of tilt angle on PV module Power
• Includes shading blades for studying the effects of shading on Solar PV
• Encourages hands-on learning by keeping internal connections open, allowing users to practice connecting different components for installing a standalone Solar PV power plant
• Enables power flow calculations for Standalone PV power plants using charge controllers, inverters, A.C. /D.C. loads, and batteries
• Offers the option to provide external gate signals to charge controllers via Function generators, investigating the effects of changes in Duty Cycle on PV Power
• Allows users to input external MPPT signals to study the effects of MPPT algorithms on PV Power
• Provides flexibility for users to implement custom MPPT algorithms to observe their impact on PV Power
• Offers real-time plotting of PV, IV, V vs. time, P vs. time, and I vs. time curves using proprietary PC Software
• Implements the Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm
• Utilizes IP 65-protected PV Panels for durability and longevity
• Equipped with a handheld Solar Insolation measuring instrument for accurate solar radiation measurements
• Includes an angle measurement instrument for precise panel positioning
• Data can be saved in CSV format for analysis and record-keeping
• Graphs can be saved in image format for documentation and presentations

Ecosense installed Solar PV Training & Research System at SMVDU, Jammu
Ecosense installed Solar PV Training & Research System at SMVDU, Jammu

Demonstration of Equipment Conducted

Ecosense also conducted a demonstration of equipment for training Professors and Scholars. This training program was focused on educating and training the professors, scholars, and technicians who will further train thousands of students and professionals to start their careers or business in this very field.

Installation Video Link

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