Ecosense installed Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System at IIT Dharwad

IIT Dharwad is one of the new IIT’s putting a great effort towards research in the field of Microgrids and Energy Storage.

Ecosense installed a Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Dharwad in Karnataka to support experiments and research in sustainable energy systems.

Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System

The system has been designed to store excess power generated by any of the sources and store it in the battery bank which can be used later when needed by the grid or the load connected at the point of common coupling. This is purely research-based system which can be customised by the client as per his/her research requirements.

In this system a Lithium-ion battery bank is connected with a bidirectional converter which further connects to a common DC Link. The DC Link is further connected with a three-phase grid connected inverter. The system is software controlled and client is provided with open-source software to edit any of the control algorithm.

The program allows a user to charge battery bank from grid as well as discharge into the grid. The system can also be operated in standalone mode with load connected at the three-phase output. The open-ended DC Link terminal allows user to connect any of the sources via a DC-DC converter of compatible ratings which gives an extra edge to the research scholars as they can explore the system using various sources and conduct their research.

Technical Characteristics of Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System.

• Ability to control DC link voltage using bidirectional converter in stand-alone mode
• Research on Microgrid possible as the DC link can accommodate other renewable sources such as PV
• Power flow and quality supplied to the grid can be controlled and analysed
• Further exploration of control techniques for smart grid implementation possible
• Continuous sensing of grid side voltage and currents provide opportunity to implement advanced control algorithms to control the behaviour as per grid conditions
• Maintaining minimum reactive power at inverter output to achieve unity power factor and maximize the usable power generation

Ecosense installed Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System at IIT Dharwad
Ecosense installed Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System at IIT Dharwad

Advantages of Ecosense’s Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage System

Ecosense’s BESS enables user to do research in the field of Microgrid management, load side management, priority allocation to renewable sources etc. Ecosense’s BESS is an open-source system where a user can reprogram, rewire, and revise the system to carry out their research goals. All the sources are independent of each other and research can also be carried out on each of the sources independently. Ecosense provides source file based on LabVIEW platform which can be easily modified as per the user’s liking. Ecosense appreciates and also provide an active support to users carrying out their research.

Product Demonstration Conducted

After successful installation of system, Product Demonstration is conducted. The Product Demonstration was focused on how to efficiently utilize the system to conduct their research.

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