Ecosense conducts training at NISE, Gurugram

Ecosense conducted Hands-on training on Solar Photovoltaic Technologies organised by National Institute of Solar energy, Gurugram for “Training of Master Trainers Programme for International Solar Alliance (ISA) member countries”.

National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurgaon (NISE) an autonomous institution of Ministry of New and Renewable (MNRE), is the apex National R&D institution in the field of Solar Energy. The NISE has assumed all technical activities of Solar Energy Centre (SEC) and has also re-organized itself to undertake roles and responsibilities assigned to it by the Ministry (MNRE). The Institute is involved in demonstration, standardization, interactive research, training and testing of solar technologies and systems. It is an effective interface between the Government and institutions, industry & user organizations for development, promotion and widespread utilization of solar energy in the country. It hosted the launch of International Solar Alliance in January 2016 attended by both Prime Minister of India and President of France.

Training in progress
Training in progress at NISE

NISE, Gurgaon organised the “Training of Master Trainer on Solar Energy Technologies and Applications,” (ISA-ITEC) which is scheduled from 4th November 2019 to 22nd November 2019 at premises of NISE, Gurgaon.

This Training programme is a joint effort of the ISA, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and NISE, Gurugram. The primary objective of the training is to train the master trainers who will go and scale up capacity building program in the field of solar energy technologies in their respective ISA member countries.

Ecosense has collaborated with NISE to conduct a 1-day hands on training on Solar Photovoltaic Technologies using Solar PV Training and Research System and Solar PV Grid Tied System to participants of ISA-TEC.

A total of 21 participants from 12 countries participated in the workshop. This 1- day training focussed on Solar PV standalone system and Solar PV Grid Connected system. During this hands-on training participants learned about key Solar PV parameters such as:

  • I-V and P-V characteristics
  • Key components used in Solar PV installation and their applications
  • Effect of tilt on PV panels
  • Effect of shading
  • Series and parallel connections
  • Use of diodes (as blocking and bypass diode)
  • Standalone PV systems
  • Impact of transmission line inductance on grid
  • Impact of Capacitors for power factor improvement
  • Change in THD with increase in inductance and capacitance in transmission
  • Grid tied systems
  • Net metering concept
  • Anti-islanding concept

Group photo post training
Group photo post the training session

Programme Outcome

This program trained Master trainers from 12 different countries who will further train thousands of individuals who are looking forward to work in different domains of Solar Photovoltaic Industry such as design and development, installation and maintenance etc.

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