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Dr. S. Mishra

Unreliable and poor quality power supply is a big challenge for Indian electricity network. Although, India lies among the top electricity producer; millions of people still lack grid power supply. Local generation using batteries & inverter; and diesel generators are quite extensively used. While battery-inverters are used mainly for household purposes; industries widely use diesel powered generators. Diesel power generators are most widely used in telecom sector as telecom towers mostly use diesel generators as their primary source of power. Diesel based generation is not very economical and environmental constraints demand reduction in diesel consumption.

Thus renewable energy based generation; particularly wind and solar can be really helpful in this scenario. Although these renewable energy based generations are highly intermittent; a hybrid system consisting of both renewable energy and diesel generation can solve most of the problems.

Development and control of renewable energy and diesel based generation in both grid connected and islanded mode is a challenge for which Ecosense Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. aims to deliver solutions. In this direction, we have started collaboration with Prof. (Dr.) Sukumar Mishra (Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) to develop solutions for hybrid systems consisting of PhotoVoltaic and diesel based generation. After a handful literature review, we came to know the expertise of Prof. S. Mishra, who has done extensive research in this area, through his important research paper titled, “A Seamless Control Methodology for a Grid Connected and Isolated PV-Diesel Microgrid” published in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems in November 2013. This work has already been cited by many other research articles.

In this work Prof. S. Mishra has developed a novel control scheme suitable for grid connected as well as micro-grid mode of operation of PV-diesel hybrid system. A seamless transition from grid connected mode to micro-grid mode is the most important contribution of the control scheme proposed by Prof. Mishra. This scheme has got many advantages including no need of any islanding detection algorithm, no need of sensors to measure solar irradiation and temperature, no need of load measurement, no need of knowledge of exact PV characteristics, and ensuring diesel generator operation at desired power.

We have collaborated with Prof. Mishra to undertake research on areas like optimization of diesel economics, system safety features, the issue of handling reactive power etc.

A brief bio-sketch of Prof. Sukumar Mishra is given below:

Prof. (Dr.) Sukumar Mishra, is an eminent academician with over 20 years of experience in the field of Power Systems, Power Quality Studies, and Renewable Energy. He has handled various research and development projects, overall amounting to over 25 million INR and has over 100 research articles (including papers in international journals, conferences and book chapters) to his name.

Apart from being a brilliant scholar, Prof. Mishra also plays a key role in groups/societies and has held several important positions that support and encourage study in various fields including renewable energy. He is currently holding the position of NTPC chair professor, Vice Chair of Intelligent System Subcommittee of Power and Energy society of IEEE, Independent Director of the Cross Border Power Transmission Company Ltd (a joint venture company of IL&FS Energy Development Company Ltd, POWERGRID, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd and NEA). He has previously held the positions of Power Grid Chair Professor and Chairperson of IEEE PES/IAS Delhi chapter.

He is a recipient of various awards and recognitions including the Silver Jubilee Young Engineer Award of Indian National Academy of Engineering, the INSA Medal for Young Scientist of Indian National Science Academy and the Young Engineer Award of Indian National Academy of Engineering.

He is a Fellow of National Academy of Science, India; a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering; a Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK; a Fellow of Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers; Senior Member of Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA and also an Associate Editor of the international journal - IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

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